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Creating an online presence within the community takes skill, organization and style to attract current customers and generate new business. A common mistake, when first establishing a social media presence, is not adhering to brand uniformity. OLBE creates and curates social media profiles and content with brand identity in mind, making sure your customers are well informed, entertained and inspired all while increasing the bottom line.

Ensuring you have a strong social media presence requires engagement through targeted advertising and customer service. Researching your target audience and knowing exactly where and who they are will ensure you earn a greater ROI on your advertising efforts.

With a variety of social media options to choose from, it’s hard to decide which best represents your business and its goals.

OLBE provides the following services to help narrow down what you need.

Slide Social Media Mgmt. The Social Umbrella 21st Century Communications. Social media is how the voice of your business connects to the masses. Our team will create content that will keep your audience engaged while bringing in new business. Benefits: Increased exposure & brand awareness. Easy and quick communication between your company, your audience and target customers. New opportunities. Competitive analysis. Sales leads. Refined brand equity. Brand awareness. Ability to connect anytime.

Slide Digital I.D Your Digital Footprint. Your profile is a reflection of your business. People buy stories, not products. Let us assist you by creating a profile everyone wants to talk about. Benefits: Consistent message and brand tonality. Profile Curation

Slide Strategic & Audience Research The Field Know your Customer. Always know who you’re selling to. Extensive research to pinpoint your perfect customer is key. Benefits: Guide communication with current and potential customers. Identify opportunities in the marketplace. Minimize risks. Measure your reputation. Uncover and identify potential problems. Data that helps you plan ahead. Identify trends. Establish your market position. Determine your most persuasive “brand promise”.

Slide Content Creation
Masterpiece Design. Captivate. Influence. Rome wasn't built in a day. The art of curation takes strategic selection, organization, and presentation of online content, merchandise and information. Quality lies in the details. Your content should reflect your vision, your masterpiece. Benefits: Customer retention. Good content proves value. Establish your brand's voice in the marketplace. Educate your leads about the benefits of products and services. Educational content shows you’ve mastered your field, share that mastery with your customers.

Slide AD Campaign Creation Enchantment. The Art of Persuasion You have to know who you’re selling to. We will do the research to pinpoint your perfect customer. Benefits: Make Your Brand Visible. Advertise Products & Services. Attract Customers & Investors. Improve the Bottom Line.

Slide Ad Management & Optimization Message. Set the Bait Your message should answer one serious question: Why should I care? To help answer this question, our team will ask you extensive thought provoking questions during your free consultation. If your mission is not clear, you will lose the attention of current and prospective clients and customers. Reel your audience in with a focused message. Benefits: Targeted advertising. Improved sales. Potential viral content. Increase website traffic. Audience growth. Cut marketing costs. Captivate your audience.