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Slide Odabi Local is made up of brand-engineers who dream, explore, create and craft progressive digital experiences for you and your users. Let us help craft the perfect logo to represent your brand.


Slide "Be bold, be impactful, be true to your brand." - Cristina Diaz, CAO & President of Cutural Oversight

Slide Logos have been known to be an important part of cultural and religious rituals for millennia. Logos are extensions of your brandā€™s personality, singling you out amongst a sea of competition and complimenting your overall brand image. For example, Patagonia features a mountain range against the backdrop of the sky, helping the brand communicate its connection to the environment and free-spirited lifestyle.

Slide Experiments conducted by the Journal of Consumer Research concluded that the mere shape and angle of a logo is powerful enough to affect a consumer's perceptions of a company or product. Shape, size, color, and text all come into play during the logo development process. It takes a variety of elements to ensure your logo will appeal to your target market and beyond.

Slide We encourage you to consider how your logo is impacting your business. Is it hurting you or helping you? OLBE is here to help develop a logo ready for company memos, grand openings and everything in between.


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The Logo Rebrand.

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