At Odabi Local we are brand-engineers, that dream, explore, create and craft progressive digital experiences for our client’s and their users. Being an unusual breed of passionate real-life observers and brand storytellers. We narrate how your user thinks and feels, utilizing graphic information designed to create your unique brand identity.


We love quality so much that we will never sacrifice the look and feel of your brand to achieve a top website ranking. We understand that effective design involves both Search Engine Optimization and a quality user experience where content is most important.


If a company’s brand identity is a very important factor in the success of the business, why do so many company owners avoid developing a brand for their business? Here are some common beliefs and myths that many business owners believe that damage the character of their brand.


It is true that having your company brand and marketing materials designed professionally costs money, but it will cost your business more if you do not have a high-quality, custom brand identity professionally designed.


A brand identity is a basic business tool that is essential to your marketing efforts. This point is aligned with the myth that your business doesn’t need marketing. No brand is almost as bad as a do-it-yourself brand. Not having a brand makes your business look less than professional. Be objective, would you call your business if you saw a bad brand identity?

Why not just develop my brand myself?

We have all experienced the effects of do-it-yourself logos and brands. Would you do business with a company whose brand didn’t reflect quality? Wouldn’t you be a bit skeptical about the quality of service you would be rendered. What do you think when you are handed a black and white perforated business card? What happens when you go to a web site that looks homemade or you’ve seen the design before?

Would you trust the company to provide the solution you are seeking? No. This can and often does lead to bad Yelp reviews and loss of business. Which could have been easily avoided with help from Odabi local. We are an advisor to your marketing department as well as your premier branding professionals. Don’t lose business by cutting corners.


Whether it be an existing logo update or a new design, you can be sure you will be in great hands with Odabi Local Brand Engineering.

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