Articulate Your Mission & Vision 

We script the constitutional guidelines and framework that embody the spirit of your organization. Creating simple, friendly and solid statements and beliefs.

Your vision statement and values define your organization and how it operates. Most organizations have statements and values full of dull sentences with little meaning, that leave their employees and customers uninspired. We will help you craft and articulate the purpose of your organization, instilling your employees and customers with a sense of belonging so that they personify your organizational identity. This indicates the direction in which your organization must move to actualize the goals in your vision and staying true to your values.

We want to give you the best tools to succeed in the marketplace and compete at your best.

So you can share your philosophy.



Lead The Industry.

As an entrepreneur, people admire your work ethic and choose you to lead them to victory in their careers.

Each and every company is but a long shadow of its founder. Let’s look at a world-class brand, Patagonia. Since day one, its founder began Patagonia’s good practice in sustainability through quality goods. From start to finish of production and sale, he set the foundational guides that still today reign the purpose of the organization.

Dedicated to their mission to “Build the best product, cause unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis,” other global brands like Adidas and Walmart have adopted industry standards for their production, creating the Sustainable Apparel Coalition.

A business that puts profits and revenue before its customers and employees, develops a culture that leaves employees uninspired, with low morale – their only motivation being a paycheck.

When this happens your employees find it difficult to be an ambassador for your brand because they lack the most important ingredient in business. Without guidance, they cannot align with your vision.

This leads to a poor customer service experience causing loyal clients to patronize your competitors, lowering your revenue and essentially bankrupting your company.

60% of employees don’t know what their company’s mission is.

Employees who work in mission-driven organizations are more engaged and less likely to leave.

When employees are aware of their contribution to the business, they will be more inspired to take the steps to preserve its culture. Productivity growth and customer engagement ultimately validating the company values and beliefs.

A brand’s identity, engagement and customer passion all derive from a strong mission statement and values. Unfortunately, very few employees know their brand’s mission or values. The issue stems from the leadership not being mission-driven.

How do you know if your company is living out its mission and values? It’s simple: Can everyone in the company, from an entry-level employee to the CEO, describe the company’s mission? Do your customers feel a genuine connection to your brand?

Our team at OLBE will help you create an outstanding statement that represents the values of your brand, your employees and customers. A meaningful set of values will lead your business to a prosperous future, resulting in highly motivated employees, and customers that love to shop your brand.

Brand Name Development  + Tagline

Secure your brand recognition before you hit the ground running.

OLBE ensures that your brand is protected in local and national markets, by composing a brand name that embodies the heart and soul of your venture. When most individuals come up with their own brand names they’re generic. Tied to geographical regions and may infringe on intellectual property. OLBE helps you identify the characteristics and attributes that embody your brand.

We want your brand to be memorable, recognizable, and essential to your customers.

Show them. Don’t tell them.



Be An Industry Specialist.

Creating a distinguishable brand name for your business is essential. It allows you to stand out among the competition, and engage your customers on a level so deep that they identify your brand values as their personal values.

We begin by distilling the meaning you want to convey to your customers. Then we reinforce that meaning by creating visual representations that provide an almost symbiotic connection to your brand. There are several ways to go about the creation process. Using a founder’s name, made up word, an experience, what you do, or using a word for a new meaning are all possibilities.

By starting with meaning and purpose, then distilling what you want your customers to take from it. It communicates your value proposition more efficiently in the long run. When your brand can communicate with your customers, you save a boatload of time and a good amount of marketing dollars. Let your brand speak for itself.

Don’t let the meaning of your brand name keep you from growing. Many entrepreneurs and businesses take great pride in their city and town. So they name business something like “Orlando Disk Drives”, if they decided to do business outside of Orlando, Florida some customers will become confused. What if they decided to expand beyond just disk drives, how will people know about their other offering? So how can you be sure your name can mean something to your customer but also not be bland or too “out there”. Be suggestive, not descriptive. Remember to show your customers what you do, don’t tell them.

77% of customers purchase Brand Names.

Generic Name Vs. Brand Name, who wins? Brand names every time. Why? It’s pretty simple: Trust. Brand Names command 25-30% higher prices compared to generic ones, due to brand trust and consistent delivery on their brand promise.

77% of customers, when out shopping lean towards Brand Names. However, keep in mind 64% of customers tend to still believe that “Brand names are not better quality”. So it’s up to you to prove them wrong, by keeping up the quality of your goods and services. Once you obtain their brand loyalty, fight to keep it. And while you fight the good fight, let OLBE take the hassle of the creative process.

Not researching your brand name may have huge ramifications. OLBE takes the burden off your shoulders by conducting the research for you. Ensuring you only have to focus on what’s important, outpacing the competition, growing and managing your business